What's I

  1. Innovation-Implementation-Inspiration cycle
  2. We believe in the “Circle of Innovation”, because there is no end point to Innovation.
  3. The “Blue” colour also signifies the limitless-ness (open-ness) of our learning, bounded by circle but without any limits in our innovations.
  4. We have a hidden “Clock for Implementation”, because time for learning keeps on moving and implementation needs to be faster & effective
  5. The colour “Green” signifies the productivity & innovation of our Ideas, Products & Services.


The Power of 3

  1. Our philosophy : Thought-word-action cycle
  2. The 'Thought' of 1(Divine) and the 'Fertility' of 2 (Duality) results in the 'Creativity' of 3.
  3. Characteristics of 3: Frank, Forceful & Motivating.


The Dots

  1. We expect that the “Bubbles of Inspiration” will keep on increasing in size, as hidden clock keeps ticking.
  2. The “Orange” colour signifies the energy and vibrancy, we want to continue to inspire and get inspiration in our Innovations.


Key Features of our IT Enabled i3NXT Smart School

  • EDUCATION CONTENT : Fully mapped to NCERT, CBSE and many other popular text books used in schools.
  • High Definition 3D/2D based content, where ever appropriate.
  • Content STRICTLY based on Central or State Boards pattern.
  • Interactive Content : Highly Interactive content generally including UI elements like zoom in, zoom out, play and pause, section views drag and drop etc.
  • Teacher Resource Area which includes project activities, related web links, videos, flash files and images.
  • ASSESSMENT which includes high and low order thinking, MCQs etc & TEST ANALYSIS SOFTWARE.