• Use technology to enable a learning environment that develops through seamless interaction of all relevant stakeholders.
  • To provide world class IT enabled solutions in the Indian Schools at affordable price.
  • To be a global player in the field of  educational services by 2025


  • Creating an environment where learning is fun.
  • To be the preferred choice supplier at the meeting point of ICT and Education


The I3 Core Values are Innovate, Implement & Inspire.

Innovate : create more effective products, , services, technologies, and ideas that are better utilized in the services that we provide to school and the studentsprocesses

Implement : create platforms and delivery mechanism that will help us in implementing of our innovative products, , processes, services, technologies, and ideas.

Inspire :  inspiring our team, our school partners, our school teachers and students to not only partner with us in creating new  products, , processes, services, technologies, and ideas but also use them in order to grow and become wholly developed as a person.

Other than the above core values our team endeavors to bring the following Values to our Learning Methodology:

Engaging  :The versatility of  our products and services ensures that every student is effectively engaged in a learning process. This experience promotes curiosity and a drive to learn.

Relevant  : I3 products and services are designed to prepare students for life with real-life applications of core subject knowledge, combined with opportunities to develop life skills such as communication, collaboration and creative problem-solving.

Hands-On  : I3 products and services are all about learning by making, doing and creating things, which means that students & teachers community take ownership, become active owners of the learning process.

Creative  : I3 products and services enable students to think creatively and reason systematically.